Best Valorant Meme Crosshairs (Fun, Cute, Funny, & More)

While many options in our Valorant crosshair database focus on maximizing your performance, sometimes you just want something fun. That's why we've put together this list of the best Valorant meme crosshairs.

Below, you'll find tons of cool Valorant crosshairs and the codes for them. This list includes:

  • Popular Meme Crosshairs (Nerd Glasses, Among Us, Flappy Bird, Pokemon Poke Ball, Nom Nom)
  • Cute Crosshairs (Cat, Flowers, Eyes, Bee, Heart)
  • Many other funny Valorant crosshairs

You can edit (change colors, etc.) any of these crosshairs by clicking their "Edit Crosshair" button to launch our Valorant crosshair builder. You can also copy the code for them by clicking their "Copy" button, then import the crosshairs into Valorant.

Cool, Cute, Fun, Meme, & Funny Valorant Crosshairs

Looking for Something More Serious?

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